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Joint Venture

Collaboration and communication: these are the values our company is based on which have contributed to our constant growth in the luxury real estate market. For Lionard it is vitally important to set up a functional network, both contractual and informal, of commercial partners in Italy and abroad. This represents a source of increased competitiveness which aims not only to diffuse the brand, but above all its excellent real estate patrimony to a highly selected international market. In the course of our existence we have been able to establish important international joint ventures with privileged foreign companies in the luxury industry whose common objectives are to promote beauty, luxury, and excellence. All the characteristics that Italy is naturally known for. Over the years Lionard has entered into commercial agreements, structured and projected into the long term with recognised international brands which operate in distinct sectors, but which share a common reference market: the high end market segment. Collaborations with world famous yacht making companies, famous charter flight companies and others, along with means such as our editorial product “Be-Lionard”, allow us to promote our exclusive properties using other realities which attract the same client base which coincides with our buyers or vendors. The resulting synergies and ensuing relationships permit all of us to combine our individual specialist skill sets and the products and services offered to favour the development of our companies.