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Dream villas in fascinating Lucca

03 October 2018

Let yourself fall in love with a romantic villa in Lucca

The city of Lucca and its marvelous surroundings is surely one of the most known and appreciated areas of Tuscany. From the Roman ages, passing from the time of the French occupation of Lucca up to modern times, the prestige of this area is indisputable and it is for this reason that it is Italy’s apple of the eye. In the splendid countryside, you can admire characteristic landscapes that are adorned with dream villas. Fascinating, cultured, and rich in history, it is not surprising that Lucca is frequently chosen as a second home for the large number of tourists, foreigners, and Italians alike who after visiting could not resist its beauty. Many decide to buy one of the various magnificent luxury villas for sale. Probably of Ligurian origins, Lucca was then conquered by the Etruscans who contributed to the city’s first and major demographic and economic boom. The city experiences a period of affluence in the Roman period between the 1st and 2nd century AD, of which remnants of the first walls of the amphitheater still remain. The city flourished and grew thanks to the silk commerces, as well as merchant and banking activities in the 13th century. Lucca, in the following centuries became a reference point for politicians, intellectuals, and artists. In fact, the must of Giacomo Puccini came to life here, as well as other important Academies that promoted the 1st edition of the Italian Encyclopedia by D. Diderot and J. D’Alembert. Transformed in 1805 into a principality by Napoleon Buonaparte, Napoleon elected his beloved sister Elisa Baciocchi as head of the city. During this period Lucca underwent many reforms and public works as well as important changes to the urban layout and architecture that rendered it very similar to how it is today: the impressive perimeter walls of 4 km, the city center typical of the city state, the small alleys and well conserved piazzas where you can still admire Renaissance and Medieval buildings. Lucca, nicknamed the city with 100 churches, presents a great number of sacred buildings within its walls and still today many refined properties have their own private chapels. The city’s cathedral, founded in the 11th century is home to famous works of art by Nicola Pisan, Jacopo della Quercia, and Tintoretto. Via Fillungo, the main street framed by Medieval buildings is the go-to destination in order to experience both the ancient and modern personalities of the city, from traditional artisans’ shops to luxury boutiques. Piazza Napoleone, thanks to the works promised by Elisa Baciocchi resembles an elegant Parisian square. Today Lucca is considered one of the most elegant places to live or spend a vacation, walking along the walls, relaxing in one of the parks with century old trees, or exploring the marvelous countryside that is enriched with properties of immeasurable value and charming luxury villas such as the famous (and one of the most important villas in Italy) Villa Reale di Marlia which once belonged to Pirncess Baciocchi.

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