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The utopia of Capri from villas to breathtaking views

03 October 2018

Luxury is the enchantment of a villa in Capri

Capri is an enchanting island in the gulf of Naples, in the south of Italy, just in front of the Sorrentine peninsula and is about 988 acres large. Since the ancient Romans, the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes and paradise like atmosphere has brought about the construction of many majestic luxury villas owned by emperors and subsequently by intellectuals, important politicians, and artists who loved retreating to Capri in order to enjoy some uncontaminated peace. Capri is not only one of the peninsula’s most picturesque locations, whose beauty attracts visitors every year from all around the world, but it is a downright utopia whose roots reach back to centuries past when the ancients linked it to Ulysses and the myth of Homer’s sirens. The island welcomes us with its lively port of Marina Grande, its Piazzetta, a true high society urban living room, with its grandiose Certosa di San Giacomo, the Belvedere di Tragera, the suggestive “Fraglioni,” tall cliffs that emerge from the crystal sea, noted symbol of the island. Not to mention the splendid walk on Via Krupp, a visit to the Augustus gardens and the suggestive scenery of the Grotta Azzurra. The paradise like atmosphere of Capri that shines under the sun is just as beautiful by moonlight. The deep sea penetrates the rich cliffed coasts with suggestive grottoes. At low tide you can see ancient Roman remnants of Emperor Augustus who fell in love with Capri so much so as to trade it for Ischia. It was also loved by the next emperor Tiberius who then constructed 12 marvelous luxury villas each dedicated to one of the 12 gods of Olympus. Today the only dream house that still remains is the one dedicated to Jupiter. In the 1800s it became the arrival point of the Grand Tour of young, wealthy European aristocrats and famous artists who described their luxurious lifestyles, the great climate, the iridescent colors, and romantic light in the grottoes in their memoirs. In the beginning of the 1900s, Capri underwent great urban development which included the construction of many dream homes and immense villas of the international bourgeoisie, as well as the development of the first prestigious touristic structures and hotels. Its perfect combination of history, natural beauty, high society, luxury, and culture gave life to the paradise of Capri and undoubtedly made it one of the most love Italian island, that has various European acclaims. How can you not dream of sailing around the island and its “Fraglioni” on board a yacht or sail boat, admiring the uncontaminated landscapes that create a background for the traditional island architecture, luxurious vaulted villas, with their streamlined design. Since the 1950s to today, Capri is the destination par excellence for the elite that offers its guests both a welcoming and familiar environment with its tranquil streets where you can take walks while you admire the luxury fashion houses and breathtaking views.

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