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Living in the city: a luxury villa in Milan

03 October 2018

Milan, Cutting-Edge Metropolis and City of Art

Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has been considered for decades the heart of the Italian economy. The discreet beauty of Milan is made up of impressive historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, parks, and avant-garde neighborhoods, where you can find luxurious apartments and dream homes. You can enjoy all this from a penthouse. Visiting the city, mostly on foot, will allow you to experience every nuance of the city, to appreciate the historical and architectural heritage while enjoying an aperitif along the canals, or partaking in Milan’s nightlife, or relaxing while admiring the prestigious designer labels displayed in the windows of the fashion district. You can relive the story of historical figures such as Alessandro Manzoni and Cesare Beccaria, visit churches rich in precious works of art, admire palaces, amazing luxury villas, and monuments, all perfectly blended into the urban fabric of this vibrant, multi-faceted city. It’s impossible to ignore the immensity of the Duomo, this city’s noted symbol and masterpiece of Gothic architecture built between the 1300s and the 1400s under the powerful rule of the Visconti, or the beauty of the Teatro della Scala founded in 1700s under Empress Maria Teresa of Austria. Not to mention the Gallery, the Royal Palace, the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, or works of art of inestimable value such as Leonardo’s Last Supper and other works of Raphael, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, and Piero della Francesca. Since the early 20th century, Milan is not only an important cultural center, but also is the capital of Italian taste that has slowly established itself as an industrial metropolis, at the forefront of investments in research and innovation, where large universities prepare students who become leaders in every sector. Milan, a dynamic and creative city, offers a perfect blend of innovation and tradition, which gives it a very lively social and cultural life in which every language and culture finds its own niche. Consider that every year more than ten million spectators attend art shows, concerts, and films. Regularly, exhibitions of international acclaim are organized in the numerous art galleries in Milan. Over sixty parks and green areas adorn the city and offer space for leisure and relaxation surrounded by nature. In Sempione Park, the green heart of Milan behind the Castello Sforzesco, you can not only relax al fresco, but also admire sculptures and monuments, play sports, or stop to grab a bite to eat. Milan is also much more: its surroundings provide stunning scenery, made up of valleys, beautiful lakes, mountain landscapes with small traditional villages, expanses of citrus orchards and olive groves. The wine making tradition of this area has been handed down for centuries with great passion and love for the land. Investing in a luxurious dream house in Milan or in a prestigious apartment will let you enjoy 360° of this beautiful metropolis and its many facets and opportunities.

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