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Villa Antinori for sale

03 October 2018

Belonged to one of the great families of wine and the family of Monna Lisa known as “la Gioconda”

The beautiful facade appears on the label of one of the wines that define the history of Chianti Classico in the world: we are talking about Villa Antinori of  Monte Aguglioni. It belonged to one of the great Tuscan families from the end of the nineteenth century to halfway through the last century,  Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni is for sale today ( This wonderful villa is just five kilometres from Florence and is rich in history. From 1498 to 1517 it was owned by the important Del Giocondo family to which the famous  Monna Lisa belonged, wife of  Francesco del Giocondo, known in fact as “La Gioconda”, painted by  Leonardo Da Vinci around 1505. From here apparently, Baldo d’Aguglione emerged, legal expert and a Florentine man of politics, contemporary of Dante, that the Supreme Poet cited twice in the  Divina Commedia as the villain “ d’Aguglion”. It was, in fact, d’Aguglion who passed sentence on the 2nd September 1311 that excluded Dante from the amnesty and forbidding him to return to his homeland from exile.
The current layout of the villa and the garden is attributed to the Marchioness Nathalie Antinori who renewed it at the beginning of the XX century, helped by her brother Egisto Paolo Fabbri, architect and artist, but above all a great collector of  Cézanne, from whom he was able to collect 32 paintings of exceptional quality.
You arrive at Villa Antinori via a long driveway lined with cypress trees that finishes at the Italian garden, designed by the English architect  Cecil Pinsent, which is part of a 27-hectare park.  Villa Antinori di Monte Aguglioni is a property of great importance, which covers an area of 2800m2 for the main building, includes a chapel with a hexagonal base, a custodian's house and various annexes for agricultural use amongst which three lemon houses for a total surface area of 3700m2. The villa is in a perfect state of conservation and the interiors, in addition to their elegant furnishings, are organized in a functional manner in order to best live in this angle of paradise. 
“Amongst the 1700 properties in our portfolio” - affirms Dimitri Corti, founder of the company Lionard Luxury Real Estate ( - This is one of the most interesting historic homes which we have in Tuscany, one of the most requested regions in the luxury sector. Villa Antinori is located in a privileged position close to Florence, one of the most beautiful and renowned cities in the world, and has been completely renovated by the current owners”.

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