Thanks to years of experience in the luxury real estate market Lionard, has reached a level of specialisation and professionalism designed to increase and significantly improve the range of qualified services and operational capacities offered. - Read more -
Lionard is a specialist in the luxury real estate market. Our mission consists of responding to the needs of a niche market characterised by an expectant client base who doesn't only look at the material purchase of property but seeks qualitative excellence and personal satisfaction. In order to meet our target market, specific strategies are adopted towards the creation of a high quality tailor made service. This customisation therefore assumes a fundamental role in the operational capacities of Lionard and is made possible due to a high degree of professionalism and the know-how of its staff. This essential interaction with the person selling a luxury property allows us to acquire the necessary information required to satisfy his or her needs. Our working method means we will establish, together with property owners, the guidelines which Lionard will use to promote the sale of the property, by choosing the best means and communication strategies. The owner of a property can decide to publish his home in selected international magazines with whom we collaborate, steer the national or international campaigns to speed up the selling time or even direct the communication towards a specific target. The latter can be achieved, for example, by using our comprehensive mailing lists or exclusive photo-descriptive books which can be directed to a specific market based on stringent predetermined criteria. We offer complete flexibility in formulating a sales strategy which corresponds to the client's needs, guaranteeing utmost flexibility and respecting all kinds of requests, including those for a very private promotion. For this reason, we offer the possibility to publish the property in our reserved access portfolio which is available only to a selected client base that has been registered and carefully vetted. - Read more -
Be-Lionard. Today excellence has its voice.  This new editorial instrument is born from a precise need: yours. We present it to you certain of having created a product which responds to a direct request of the market. It is you that have pushed us in this direction: presenting the world of luxury real estate through a channel which didn't use to be here. This is the reason this magazine exists: a tool to present a selected client base with the products that traditional media struggles to group together, narrate and value. Be-Lionard is a collectors item, a show of excellence which is represented in the world as “Made in Italy”. It is a mean which invites you to discover, taste and explore all that is beautiful, rare, unique and of great value. Our company, Lionard Luxury Real Estate manages a property portfolio with rare and unique features, be they architectural, related to art-history or landscapes. Specialised solely in exclusive villas, castles, luxury homes with rich pasts, estates focusing on producing fine wines, tourist accommodation facilities and luxury hotels. This is our Made in Italy: quality, value and beauty which is timeless and always in fashion. Be-Lionard is a collectors item, a show of excellence which is represented in the world as “Made in Italy”. It is a refined commercial vehicle which invites you to discover, taste and explore all that is beautiful, rare, unique and of great value. Our company, Lionard Exclusive Real Estate manages a property portfolio with rare and unique characteristics be they architectonic, art-history or landscape. Specialised solely in exclusive villas, castles, luxury homes with rich pasts, estates focusing on producing fine wines, receptive structures and luxury hotels. This is our Made in Italy: quality, value and beauty which is timeless and always in fashion. We will present it in many fields: from design to fashion, from the automobile industry to the nautical one, from jewellery to all those areas where the Italian industries are at the top of their league. Be-Lionard is an exciting, fresh and intelligent partner to keep you company. For us it is the latest marker laid down in the ongoing pursuit of enhancing the commercial value of Italian properties in international markets. Our editorial plan foresees the capillary distribution of this magazine. We will be present wherever the financial markets pulse with elegance, energy and creativity. Besides Italy, we have landed in real estate capitals worldwide, including London, New York, Dubai, Moscow, Monaco and Zurich. So welcome to the club, into this exclusive boutique whose aim is to be seen, to be read and to be loved. A necessary choice when bringing to light the excellence of luxury Italian real estate. I wish to thank to all our staff, whose boundless energy and determination has resulted in this product. Above all, I wish all our new readers a lovely time discovering all the wonders which we have created for you. The same enjoyment we have felt while describing and reviewing them. - Read more -
We sell luxury, we deal with tangible products, but we aim to stimulate the emotions too, emotions which emanate from the wonderful properties entrusted to us and from the often jaw dropping locations in which they're found. We often have the arduous task of having to anticipate these emotions to clients who find themselves on the other side of the world planning a visit to Italy, or alternatively to cement them as vivid memories into the minds of departing clients who are returning to busy schedules and professional activities which tend to dominate day to day life and dull the fantastic memories created during our time together. Many communication strategies are used by Lionard, aimed at promoting the properties we showcase, one of which is the dedicated monographic photo-descritpive books unique to each villa, whose aim is to illustrate and present the property for sale in a thorough and comprehensive quality presentation accompanied by historic and technical notes. To create these books Lionard uses a team of experts in the field of communications, professional photography and graphic design. With a professionals attention to detail they document and elaborate the photographs and information relating to the property with the aim of creating a specific graphics based product for each property, conceived and produced with extremely high quality and style enclosed in an elegant packaging. These much desired books represent an original high quality communication strategy bringing properties to the attention of potential buyers while at the same time differentiating them from other potential solutions as well as enhancing their value by thoughtful and elegant representation in order to make the offer concrete and tangible. The capillary distribution of the books is possible thanks to the presence of our partners and our highly selected international client base which contribute to make this instrument an indispensable support in guaranteeing and efficient and complete service so the owner knows their property is being proposed using the absolute best means possible. The exclusive books also offer important advantages to the buyer by giving them a complete and clear photo-descriptive support specific to the property which interests them and helping them choose between any other properties selected. Lastly, they fulfil an ambivalent function in so far as our exclusive photo-descriptive books share our common goal towards both sellers and buyers: to satisfy our clients expectations. - Read more -
Among the many requests we are able to satisfy, one in particular requires maximum attention: privacy. Lionard manages properties and patrimonies which have a high architectonic, cultural and historical value but above all a high economic value and by therefore by extension “sensitive” information which requires limited discussion in selected environments. For this reason our company commits itself to guarantee the most discrete management, offering the owner of the property the opportunity of deciding the means and communication strategies best suited among the services we provide aimed at favouring the sale while respecting the owners wishes. - Read more -
Hundreds of years of history accompany many of the properties we sell. Among them are buildings constructed in the preceding centuries and in particular historic periods, or buildings designed by famous architects and decorated by celebrated artisans. In many properties the previous owners include noteworthy individuals of bygone times. We try to tell these stories by narrating the results of detailed historic research into the property. - Read more -
We often find ourselves thousands of kilometres away from potential buyers of properties in Italy. Our company works intensively towards public relations, international partnerships and joint ventures, but at the same time has evolved to communicate in six languages through our own website. The net has revolutionised communication and has become an indispensable means for companies to diffuse their brands, products and services to an international audience that is otherwise hard to group using traditional means of communication. - read-more -
The press may be one of the oldest means of communication but it is still one of the most efficient means to deliver information. For this reason Lionard, in addition to its exclusive magazine Be-Lionard, uses collaborations with editorials present in national and international press to present an ever growing market with the countries most exclusive property portfolio. Periodic publicity campaigns are undertaken in Italian press, international magazines and newspapers dedicated to the real estate sector or specialised in high end audiences. - Read more -
Customer satisfaction, this is the principle objective of Lionard. Careful research and geomarketing studies allow us to take on the specific needs of our unique clients, with the aim of offering them personalised products and services which are the best solutions to a niche market such as the luxury real estate industry which is in continual evolution. - Read more -
In order to favour our clients as much as possible, Lionard is able to offer a service which warmly conveys the main features of a property with great accuracy. These are included on our website and a very few selected international showcases with extremely high resolution professional photographs which allow the client to “always carry with him” the property they like wherever they may be. On Lionard's website our special and exclusive monographic photo-descriptive books are available and faithfully enhance and convey the characteristics of a property to the interested party. Our specialised photographers personally work through the interiors of each property we are representing, in order to capture the true exclusivity of each home and its intrinsic value, making sure the warmest light and colour is used but without distorting its natural state. The result of this work is a professional photographic service of the highest quality and a guaranteed highly visible impact which is tailored to attract the attention and admiration of the potential buyer while at the same time communicating a message and above all able to transmit emotions and stimulate the imagination in those viewing them. - Read more -
Globalisation: in recent years this has become the key word in global business and today every company must strive to engage the world. Over the last years Lionard Exclusive Real Estate began its trend of global growth leading us improved competitiveness. With over 500 exclusive properties managed in our portfolio we offer a strong attraction for the world market which is in constant expansion, enchanted by the sale of properties of indescribable artistic and historic importance, cultural significance and natural beauty which are unique to this country - Read more -
Years of experience in the luxury real estate market has consolidated our understanding of both owners and buyers needs: to see and present the property in its entirety. To make sure this happens we adopt the best available technologies available on the market in the form of the innovative virtual tours. The virtual tour is a modern instrument of communication which allows the user to visit the property remotely, move around the interior from the comfort of their own home even from the other side of the world. - Read more -
Collaboration and communication: these are the values our company is based on which have contributed to our constant growth in the luxury real estate market. For Lionard it is vitally important to set up a functional network, both contractual and informal, of commercial partners in Italy and abroad. This represents a source of increased competitiveness which aims not only to diffuse the brand, but above all its excellent real estate patrimony to a highly selected international market. - Read more -
“The mystery of life is found in the search for beauty”: as the famous film producer and director Billy Wilder stated. That said, beauty isn't always considered as an absolute, but rather a personal and subjective entity. Based on these considerations which we strongly believe in, Lionard offers its clients a host of all inclusive services designed to offer maximum personalisation of a property based on the real needs of the client whether they are buying or selling. - Read more -
To further enhance the wide range of activities and services we have created directly for the client, Lionard is able to offer its foreign clients the opportunity of a private consultation for “at home”. - Read more -
Lionard manages the sale of over 1100 exclusive properties each with unique cultural, historic-architectonic and landscape qualities. In addition to the range of offers found in our portfolio, Lionard also structures specialised services finalised in the form of dedicated property searches. These consist of the search and identification of real estate solutions which perfectly respond to the client's request, even if we have to go off-market to get them. - Read more -
Among the services which Lionard is able to offer its clients, our custom property finder service offers you the chance to search for and identify the best candidates to be your dream home or investment, whether you are looking for a specific location or property type, we can find the perfect property for you. Location, dimensions, style, cost: there are many variables which come to play in the process of buying a property of high economic value, so it's given that business will be concluded only where the potential buyer finds the property which matches all their requirements. - Read More -
Years of activity and experience in the luxury real estate market have naturally lead us to significantly increase the size of the property portfolio Lionard manages, a patrimony which is in constant evolution thanks to continuous monitoring, integration and research focusing on the areas of increased interest as well as the types of properties we are approached for. - Read More -
Lionard has integrated its activities and strategies with an after-sales service, designed to better correspond with the needs of the market it aims to provide you with a complete service which doesn't stop at the sale, but continues over time. Our professional aims, abilities and attention to the client's needs are all at your disposal, offering increased value to our services designed to enhance and personalise every purchase. - Read More -
In order to add and improve to the services we offer to make sure our clients have every possible type of support, Lionard has established a close knit and highly communicative network of professionals and consultants specialised in law and finance with whom we are able to render a complete service. - Read More -