Property Finder

Among the services which Lionard is able to offer its clients, our custom property finder service offers you the chance to search for and identify the best candidates to be your dream home or investment, whether you are looking for a specific location or property type, we can find the perfect property for you. Location, dimensions, style, cost: there are many variables which come to play in the process of buying a property of high economic value, so it's given that business will be concluded only where the potential buyer finds the property which matches all their requirements. After receiving a signed mandate a staff of professionals will take on your project, studying every request and preference for place and property type and launch a dedicated search based on those characteristics. Fortunately Italy boasts such a large and diversified real estate patrimony that the entire 360° of the market can be covered: from important noble villas to suggestive castles, from historic homes to large vineyards and more. Once some properties have been identified which match the requirements then Lionard will present the client with a detailed analysis of each property, providing detailed and comprehensive information about each, as well as an accurate photographic representation and technical analysis to put the client in the ideal position to make an informed decision. The Lionard mission is to strive for excellence in finding the perfect equilibrium between your own personal needs and the best offers the market holds in order to help you to realise concrete real estate projects.