Guaranteed Discretion

Among the many requests we are able to satisfy, one in particular requires maximum attention: privacy. Lionard manages properties and patrimonies which have a high architectonic, cultural and historical value but above all a high economic value and by therefore by extension “sensitive” information which requires limited discussion in selected environments. For this reason our company commits itself to guarantee the most discrete management, offering the owner of the property the opportunity of deciding the means and communication strategies best suited among the services we provide aimed at favouring the sale while respecting the owners wishes. Our company offers numerous means with which the client can opt to provide information. Firstly they may publish the property on our website where up to now just a part of the roughly 500 properties we manage are visible. After having authorised their presence on our website, the owner may decide to have it placed in the visible portion of the site, or to partly control the visibility by choosing a few selected photographs with full visibility granted only to our registered clients. Alternatively the reserved area of our website guarantees total privacy and provides access only to those clients whose credentials and trustworthiness have been carefully vetted. At the same time it is possible to focus the commercial promotion on a specific target or reference market which, thanks to careful and thorough management of our public relations operations, national and international press, can represent target destinations for clusters of potential buyers with distinctive and identifiable traits. In addition, personalised and dedicated mailing lists are available upon request covering specific countries or client bases according to the commercial needs of the client. Our exclusive photo-descriptive books can be sent directly to the client interested in the property where interests are served, further orientating the decision making process.