International Partnerships

Globalisation: in recent years this has become the key word in global business and today every company must strive to engage the world. Over the last years Lionard Exclusive Real Estate began its trend of global growth leading us improved competitiveness. With over 500 exclusive properties managed in our portfolio we offer a strong attraction for the world market which is in constant expansion, enchanted by the sale of properties of indescribable artistic and historic importance, cultural significance and natural beauty which are unique to this country. The need to relate to a foreign client base lead to the development of an international network of commercial relationships which while reaching a wide audience is strongly controlled and carefully selected. Partnership agreements or joint ventures have allowed us to create a host of services offered to anybody in the world, guaranteeing our presence in particularly interesting markets for commercial activities of this kind, some examples being Russia, the U.S., China and Saudi Arabia. We collaborate with important foreign firms operating in different sectors, including legal studies, accountats, architectural firms and marketing firms. These are our contacts, selected using attentive analysis of market trends and client associations and able to represent our company to the client in his country of origin as a trusted professional. Thanks to these partnerships consolidated throughout the years, we are able to offer a host of complimentary services integrated with the quality and professionalism we are renowned for in the luxury real estate sector, satisfy the requirements our clients have and ensuring we make the most of the opportunities which await to be discovered to make that important sale.