International Press

The press may be one of the oldest means of communication but it is still one of the most efficient means to deliver information. For this reason Lionard, in addition to its exclusive magazine Be-Lionard, uses collaborations with editorials present in national and international press to present an ever growing market with the countries most exclusive property portfolio. Periodic publicity campaigns are undertaken in Italian press, international magazines and newspapers dedicated to the real estate sector or specialised in high end audiences. Thanks to the possibilities generated by these strategies we can personalise the individual marketing strategy of a property to include dedicated and specialised publications. If the owner wishes to accelerate the time to sale a publicity campaign is planned aimed at maximum incisiveness and coverage. If instead the aim is to target specific markets or countries then specific steps are taken using national press to reach a target audience in less time.

Italian magazines
  • Ville & Casali
  • Gentleman RE
  • Class
  • Capital
  • Case & Country
  • House 24
  • Dove Case
  • Marco Polo
  • Case & Style
  • AD Italia
  • Lifestyle Magazine
  • Marco Polo
  • Business & Gentleman
Italian newspapers
  • Sole 24ore
  • Milano Finanza
  • Corriere della Sera
  • La Nazione
  • Resto del Carlino
  • Il Giorno
  • Il Messaggero
  • L'Unità
  • Tirreno
International magazines
  • Be-Lionard
  • Salon
  • Vedomosti
  • AD Russia
United States
  • Quest
  • New York Times
  • The Finalcial Times
  • Propriétés de France
  • Le Figaro
TV Format
  • Bloomberg
  • Travel Channel